Cobra Acquisitions

Cobra Acquisitions, LLC is a premier full-service provider of electrical construction, maintenance, and repair services, operating in Puerto Rico.

Chosen because of its strong safety curriculum, excellent customer relations, and superior quality, Cobra Acquisitions offers electrical transmission services. These include bare hand live line methods up to 345 kV, hot stick up to 230 kV, and Greenfield and brownfield substation and switchyard services. Much like our affiliated companies, the OH distribution crews at Cobra Acquisitions are capable of working energized distribution voltages up to 34 kV.

Our distribution projects involve new construction, system improvements, maintenance, and repair. We also work on complete rebuilds and storm restoration.

On the transmission end of the business, our operations include new construction & maintenance services. We count on our professionals to provide live-line work on ‘high-profile’ systems which must remain energized while being serviced. We also have the ability to perform storm restoration work.

At Cobra Acquisitions, we also work on substations—both civil and commercial—including maintenance on switching, transformer, and protection and control equipment. Additionally, we have the ability to install and test fiber optic systems.