Higher Power Electric

Higher Power Electrical, LLC is a premier provider of electrical construction, maintenance, and repair services.

We offer electrical transmission services, including barehand live-line methods up to 345 kV, hot stick methods up to 230 kV, and greenfield and brownfield substation and switchyard services. Our OH distribution crews are capable of working energized distribution voltages up to 34 kV. Our underground network division is capable of reliably operating metro network systems and providing lead cable splicing and repairs. We count on our professionals to provide live-line work on ‘high-profile’ systems which must remained energized while serviced. We also have the ability to perform storm restoration work.

We are truly a turnkey contractor that looks to meet the fullest needs of our utility customers. Our professional services division is capable of providing engineering support, staking and inspections.

In order to ensure our customers receive an ultimate performance, Higher Power provides a strong safety curriculum, excellent service, and superior quality.

Company Capabilities

  • Transmission-Line, Substation, Distribution Line & URD
  • Greenfield T-Line Construction Activities
  • Brownfield T-Line Rebuild, Re-conductor, Re-insulate Activities
  • T-Line & Substation Maintenance (Energized & De-Energized) Activities
  • Above & Below Grade Substation Activities
  • Substation Control House Wiring & Cabling Activities
  • Live Line (Hot Stick) Activities
  • Live Line (Bare hand) Activities
  • Foundation and Excavation Activities
  • Aerial Helicopter Activities
  • Materials Acquisition & Logistics
  • Engineering Activities

Transmission Operations

  • 80% Company Owned Equipment Base
  • Low and High reach aerial lift units
  • Easement aerial and digging units
  • Truck mounted cranes with man lift basket units
  • Line derricks, Pressure rock drills, Low-drill units
  • Heavy Lift, High reach, On and Off road crane units
  • Dozer crawlers, Earth excavators, Off-Road marsh units
  • ROW mowing and mulching units
  • Conductor tensioning and pulling units
  • Light duty helicopter aircraft units
  • Category “A” Bare hand aerial lift units
  • Live Line augmentation units
  • Semi Transport and Heavy Hauler units